Chameleon solar Solutions

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, FTI Trading is Malaysia’s largest and fastest growing tinting organisation. FTI Trading' unrivalled expertise in supplying, installing and innovating automotive and architectural solar applications, has made it Malaysia’s number 1 choice for window films. 

Whether customers are driving on the road or working within glass-buildings, FTI Trading uses the best films available. We offer efficient, professional service with a smile and top it off with the industry’s best tinting innovation and warranty! 
With portfolios of large automotive brands under our belt, we are the preferred choice in the automotive industry. 

More reasons to tint

In Malaysia, tropical temperatures of 27 degree Celsius and occasionally rising to 33 degree Celsius can sometimes prove to be uncomfortably hot and humid, particularly on the road. Sunshine through ordinary glass causes UV fading of colour pigments in everything from shop displays and furniture to artworks. As a result, many resort to the increased use of air-conditioning, raising costs from electricity, to petrol and maintenance. Chameleon solves these problems and inefficiencies. Our excellent range of professionally installed clear-view films cut out the UV and heat. 
Chameleon works both practically and aesthetically. The use of solar control films is quick, cost effective and an easy way to add style and security. It reduces heat and glare in your car, home or office. It also blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your loved ones and at the same time, reduce your carbon footprint! 

Our Promise

We promise to provide all FTI Trading customers with the best window films and service. This is encapsulated in our 3Q pledge – Quality Film, Quality Workmanship and Quality After-Sales Service.
We only use quality films endured highly advanced technological research to deliver consumers with the most effective window films. Customers enjoy a warranty of 6 years.
Every single one of our technicians is highly-trained to provide the best service. We uphold strict quality control standards and our employees pride themselves in excelling at their jobs.
Finally, our service does not end once we are finished. We continue providing quality after-sales service. Fromtransferrable warranties available nationwide to product replacements free of labour charges, we seek to always add value to our customers' satisfaction.