The Benefits

of Chameleon Photochromic Smart Window Film

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Window Film give vehicle drivers more value with adaptive window film designed to provide superior comfort, convenience and protection when compared to ordinary tint film.



Using intuitive, photochromic technology, Chameleon Photochromic Smart Window Film is activated in the presence of natural light. It changes reversibly color with changes in light intensity. 

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Window Film works harder than ordinary tint film by automatically regulating the light reaching your eyes, helping you squint less while reducing fatigue and eyestrain.

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Window Film produced with Nano-Ceramic Photochromic technology, by using 100% metal-free materials.  It prevents electronic interference and oxidation.

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Film provides brand new infrared barrier technology: Dynamic Infrared Rejection, blocking infrared radiation effectively base on infrared radiation environment, therefore complete protection is done against harmful invisible ultraviolet rays.

While you drive on a sunny day, Chameleon Photochromic Smart Film adapt to the amount of natural light so you don’t have to. Improve your driving vision and help reduce glare. During the night, the film’s revers to original color and rate of fluoroscopy increase, hence relatively increase the visibility and improve traffic safety.