Change According to Wether What is Photochromic Smart Window Film?

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Window Film change reversibly colour with changes in light intensity. Practically, they are colourless in a dark environment (e.g. rainy day or night time), and when sunlight or ultraviolet radiation is applied molecular structure of the material changes and it exhibits colour. When the relevant light source is removed the colour disappears. 
Change According to Wether

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Film

Chameleon Photochromic Smart Film creates better driving vision: During the sunny day, visible light transmission decrease, at the same time, the rejection of total solar energy increase. During the night, the film’s color becomes lighter and rate of fluoroscopy increase, hence relatively increase the visibility and improve traffic safety, besides being able to significantly reduce fuel consumption and save energy, it can also provide the most comfortable driving environment for the drivers. 
In addition to that, Chameleon Photochromic Smart Film provides brand new infrared radiation barrier technology: Dynamic Infrared Rejection, blocking infrared radiation effectively base on infrared radiation environment, therefore complete protection is done against harmful invisible infrared wave band. 
Chameleon Photochromic Smart Film gives your vehicle an exquisite and smart film technology, enhancing the overall aesthetics and improving your driving experience.